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hollow shaft stepper motor

Buy cheap hollow shaft stepper motor, good deal and high quality.
I am the famous hollow shaft stepper motor supplier in China. There are more compared to 200 wholesale customers on the planet, including the world's best 500 companies. The wholesale customers are mainly concentrated in the usa, Britain, Australia, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Greece.,the Netherlands, Russia, for example.
The hollow shaft stepper motor is a hybrid stepper motor that's the smallest of all stepper power generators. We sell step angles of 1. 8, 0. NINE, bipolar, unipolar hollow shaft stepper motor, Traditional in ATM machine, inkjet printer manual, cutting plotter Photo unit, spraying equipment, medical instrument&equipment, laptop or computer peripheral and mass safe-keeping equipment, precision instrument, professional control system, office automation, bot, etc.,especially suitable for any applications with smooth procedure, low noise, quick solution, long lifetime and Huge output torque. We offer various customized solutions. Our expert technical team can meet your various customization wants.
For small companies plus DIY users, we offer no less than 1 item for sale, but the selling price is still near to the wholesale price, we hope to enjoy the most professional products on the lowest price.
Our hollow shaft stepper motor s are very lower in price, but the high quality is very good, due to the fact our production equipment is actually fully automated, which can minimize the charge and allow customers to acquire the best stepper generator for the least sum of money.
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If you don't observe the stepper motor you want one, you can email us and we are able to customize and develop any kind of required stepper motor to give you a complete solution.
Nema 14 Hollow Shaft Stepper Motor Bipolar 1.8 deg 0.8A 18Ncm ( 35x35x34mm 14HS13-0804SH step motor wholesale

Nema 14 Hollow Shaft Stepper Motor Bipolar 1.8 deg 0.8A 18Ncm ( 35x35x34mm 14HS13-0804SH step motor wholesale

This stepper motor is nema 14 stepper motor and is a hollow shaft stepper motor with holding torque 18Ncm ( The shaft with 5mm OD and 3mm ID,This is a bipolar stepper motor with a step angle of 1.8deg and size is 35x35x34mm. each phase dra..
$11.84 Ex Tax: $11.84
$11.84 Ex Tax: $11.84
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